A Tucker Puppy Is Born With Waterbed Sheets To Stay Warm

Tucker was born on December 25th, or so said the veterinarian we took him to after we adopted him from the Maui Humane society.  We had wanting a dog for quite a very long time, but our previous landlord was always against it because of the nice wood floors and quality bedding he put in our bedroom.  Well, finally the time came when we chose to move.  We didn’t move too far, just next door actually.  We can still hit our old house with a rock because it’s so close.  The new house is not as nice as our old one, per say.  It’s a little rough around the edges, but we don’t care.  It’s the style we prefer.  Who needs lovely paint and a waterproof roof over their heads?  Not us.  Nor does tucker.  This spread has quite a bit more room than the old one and it has been working out great so far.  We do need to tarp the roof, but there’s plenty of room for just about any reasonable activity.  We can play fetch, hide and seek and much more.  Tucker loves it.

Tucker Sleeping in Bed

So, lo and behold, about a month after we moved into the new joint, we ended up stopping by the Maui Humane society to see if we could find a new buddy.  After visiting with a few dogs we became aware of some of the various “problems” that we might be adopting.  Some dogs had worms, some dogs were just plain scared, and some just had a little spunk.  Tucker had spunk when we first laid eyes on him and he still has spunk to this day.  When I first laid eyes on him he was playing in a pen with 2 other pitbulls.  He and the other dominant dog were play fighting and it was really cute.  You know how dogs do….  The third was just quiet and shy and although he was cute, he just didn’t have the personality that we were looking for.  We wanted a dog that didn’t just want to stay in bed.  We wanted a dog we could rough house with and play fetch and do other dog things with.

Tucker Taking a Nap In Bed

So, we decided the visit with Tucker in one of the visitation rooms they had at the Humane society.  This pen didn’t have any real comforts.  No comfy bed with bed sheets or comforters to keep cozy in.  It was bare and empty. It was simply a small square box with a bench.  The room served its purpose perfectly.  It was merely a place for you to visit with the various animals and not have the immediately run away from you.  It’s not as comfy as some new waterbed sheets, but it did the job nicely.  You can see below that he really loves his bed.  The whole family loves it, in fact.

Tucker Enjoying His New Waterbed Sheets

Tucker Enjoying His New Waterbed Sheets

Anyhow, we visited with Tucker and two other dogs.  Out of all three dogs, Tucker was the only one that actually seemed more interested in us rather than the room itself.  The other dogs came in and licked the floor and looked for food.  Tucker came in and licked us and basically climbed into our laps.  It was love at first site.

After doing some paperwork and paying the $160 puppy adoption fee, we walked out the front of the Humane Society with a freshly-washed Tucker bundled in a California king sheet in our arms.  A few months earlier, we had gone down to Precious Bedding and purchased  a new waterbed for our master bedroom.  And, while we should have considered getting a conventional bed instead, we reluctantly agreed to get a waterbed because the price just could not be beat.  It was great sleeping on the water-filled mattress for a few months, but after a while I noticed that my body was sore throughout the day.  The soreness lead to tiredness and perhaps the culprit was actually the size of the bed.  We had originally thought that we needed a king waterbed but the store salesman actually sold us on a queen waterbed.  They never even went into the difficulty of finding sheets or bedding for the bed.  It’s not exactly something you can just run down to the gas station and get.  At any rate, we adopted the dog and we immediately took him home and he jumped on our hard-side wood frame waterbed sheets.  Tucker loves laying in our waterbed and there simply isn’t a better choice of bedding for a dog.

Now, that was all well and good up until a couple weeks ago.  He had actually chewed through the foam liner to reveal the bladder so we headed down to Precious Bedding to find some replacement flannel waterbed sheets.  Little did we realize that there was a lot more to it than we had originally thought.  Some of the soft-type waterbeds have a soft casing on the outside .  You would have thought that the hard-frame type of waterbed would be the one to pop because there is less protection on the bladder.  But, our boy Tucker managed to chew through the entire top layer of the bed and chewed a hole right in the bladder.  Boy, that a mess that was!  We came home to a soaked carpet throughout our entire house.  It even ran from the upper story down to the lower story and ended up saturating the entire kitchen.  The linens in the linen cabinet were soaked, so we spread those out all over the back yard to dry (we were mostly concerned with trying to stop the mold from forming on them before we had a chance to wash them).  I think we were doing laundry for about a solid week after that happened.  Lucky us, the washer decided to go out a few days later and we were forced to go down to Lowes and spend yet another $1000 on a washer.  Of course, we had to get a matching dryer too.  To top it all off the entire bed was destroyed and we even had to buy a new bed too.

This time, we decided to not opt for a waterbed but instead went ahead and got a regular/conventional style bed with good old coil-springs.  Not a hundred-gallon bag of water.  We’ll never go that route again…  Was getting Tucker a good idea?  We still think so, but he definitely lost a few points with that whole charade.  He is a really cute little boy though; there is just no denying that!

The first day we had him home was both exciting and scary.  We didn’t have a fenced in yard, so there was always the nervousness that he would run away and possibly get taken in my a stranger.  Or worse, that he would be hit by a car.  We played with him ALL day the first few days that we had him and took him on a long walk around his “property” basically every hour or so.  Finally, after a lot of trial and error, we got him to the point where he knew not to go into the street.  We didn’t have to use a wireless fence or even a real fence for that matter.  Just familiarization with his boundaries and sharp corrections when he decided to wander off the lot.  To this day, he will stay in the yard just like a good puppy should.  We even taught him not to get up on the bed because we don’t want to get itchy dog hair all over our bedding, especially since my wife is allergic to dog dander.

It wasn’t easy.  There were some scary moments.  About 2 weeks after we adopted him, we had to go out of town for 2 days.  We didn’t want to leave him alone, but we had no choice.  We ended up having our friend Nick watch him.  Boy, was this a bad idea.  Nick is probably the worst drunk in our town, but he’s actually great with dogs.  In fact, he’s basically married to a dog named Louve.  He agreed to watch Tucker for the 2 days we would be gone.  He even offered to spend a night here so Tucker could continue to get familiar with his new surroundings.

Tucker Finds Out That The Yard Isn't Really Fenced In

When we returned back, we found out that Nick had actually taken the dog all around town, which we specifically told him not to do.  “Nick, don’t take the dog anywhere, he hasn’t had is parvo shots.”  I must have said that at least five times before we left.

When we returned home, Nick met us at a gas station near his house.  Tucker was in the back seat with Louve.  We did the dog-swap and my girlfriend and I headed off to our house and acted as if we had never left.  This was a mistake on our part to assume that Tucker had not changed at all.  We took him away from his home before he was familiar with it.  I don’t know if he was mad at us, or just confused in general, but Tucker saw a lady jogging around the neighborhood and decided to jog with her.  We searched for him frantically around the neighborhood for nearly an hour.  We thought we had lost him.  We were then emotionally connected to him and we were afraid our dog was gone forever.  We were about to call the Humane Society and list the dog was missing, when, who comes jogging up with a big smile on his face next to a nice lady?  Tucker.  That afternoon we immediately went out and got the heaviest steel cable Petco offered.  Tucker would run away no more.

Granted, this whole incident was our fault.  But, we later found out that the scum bag Nick had actually taken the dog all around town.  He took them to the beach.  He took them everywhere.  Heck, he probably slept with the dog in his waterbed.  He does have nice waterbed sheets, but for a wood frame waterbed, it is really not all it’s cracked up to be.

That’s the story so far on our buddy Tucker.  There will be plenty more info to come along with other info on some of our hobbies like bedding, sewing, bed sheets, architecture, jazz, and more.  I have been a professional home maker for 24 years and am a master at making a house a home.  This will be Tucker’s story throughout his lifetime.  How many dogs can say that?

If you’re interested in Tucker’s story or have another story that you would like to share, please offer a comment up on our blog below or shoot me an email.  I’m extremely excited to bring to some more info!

Thanks again and have a jolly day everything.

Sleeping With My Dog… And My Husband Too

My husband and I always have little “pillow fights” in bed. Nothing ever too serious, just little stuff. We’re both light sleepers and we both like to toss and turn in the middle of the night, which anyone can guess is a combination for disaster. I love my husband, I really do. But, our sleeping habits are definitely lacking some substance. If you ask him, he’ll probably tell you that “she’s the problem” but the truth is: He is the problem. It’s clearly plain and simple.

The worst part of it is, he works in the city to has to be downtown at 7AM. Living in the suburbs means he has to commute and fight the grinding traffic on the I-10 freeway, 5 days a week. Because of this, he sets his alarm for 4AM. Like I said, I love my husband, but every morning he ends up waking me up in order to get to work on time. Our children don’t have to go to school until 9AM so we usually get to sleep in until 7AM (if you really consider that sleeping in). So, like I said, my husband’s alarm goes off at 4AM. He wakes up, showers, shaves and by the time he leaves the bedroom it’s rounding 5AM. Since I’m a light sleeper, it’s usually not until 5AM that I even begin to get back to sleep. Before you know it, 6AM has rolled through so I usually only end up getting about 1 hour of sleep and just end up lying there for two.


He probably has a million stories that he can tell you, but the idea I’d like you to grasp is that we are both of the same ilk. We are both light sleepers and have actually made it a hobby for both of us to make our sleep as comfortable as possible. We try to do as much as we possibly can to make our bedroom as comfortable and peaceful as possible. It’s really just the smart thing to do. As evolving humans our priorities should be to advance by working on things that trouble us. If you have a problem, both my husband and I believe that the best thing to do is work on that problem with direct efforts. Therefore, we often find ourselves wandering the isles as bedding stores like Sears, Best Bath and Beyond, Precious Bedding, Macy’s and BestBedding.com. One day while we were doing our usual rounds around the bedding department at Sears, we were approached by an eager sales associate who was trying to sell us on this new “visco elastic” memory foam bed. The bed was really comfortable and great. Apparently the salesman was great too because that day we ended up leaving the store with a new pillowtop Olympic queen bed. We took it home and proceeded to have one of the best nights’ sleep we ever had, even though we didn’t even have any bedding for it. We ordered some nice bedding online, which was easy but when we got the bed sheets on the bed, we discovered a problem. While the sheets we ordered were extremely comfortable and soft to the touch, that didn’t do much good because they never fit the bed in the first place. The mattress was too thick for us to use a regular old set of sheets so in fact what we should have looked for was a deep pocket Olympic queen sheet set or even a deep pocket California queen bed sheet. Luckily, we were able to return the incorrect sheet set and only had to pay a 10% restocking fee on the bedding. When we finally got the new sheet set in the mail, it fit the bed like a champ and we haven’t had any trouble since.


You may ask why I am telling you this and it is simply because I don’t want any dog lovers out there who decide to purchase an Olympic queen bed to do the same things we did. Olympic queen beds are great for those that love to sleep with dogs because these beds are a couple of inches wider than your grandma’s old “queen” bed. My husband and I find that there is ample room for us to lay in bed, in addition to our dog Brownie.


For those out there considering a new bed, my husband and I both highly recommend this bed. We also recommend getting the pillow top, but if you opt for that then be sure to go with the deep sheets. Take my word for it, the regular old “shallow pocket” sheet sets that you are used to will not work on that jumbo thick mattress that the salesperson sold you on.

If anyone out there would like to contact me about writing or providing content for our website, please go ahead and get in touch with me. I’m always excited when I hear that people are really reading my jargon, so please make me happy and get a hold of me. Thanks and have an amazing day all you pet-lovers out there!

Buy Comforters To Take Your Bedding Experience To New Levels

You must have heard that comforters as a bedding accessory offer a consummate sleep experience. Still, you do not know what exactly you should look for when purchasing a new comforter. With number of brands exposing their products both offline and online, you often get confused which comforter is perfect for you. Always keep in mind, your bedding should always be what you have dreamed of. Available in different fabrics, warmth level and fills, you can select from solid comforters, casual comforter, formal comforter, patterned comforter, printed comforter and lots more. You can also single out colorful comforters or versatile comforters to perk up the entire look of your bedroom.

How to choose comforter

Your bedroom is undeniably a soporific oasis where you can spend some good time with family. A striking color of comforter can certainly change the décor and you can even highlight your favorite color. But, only design and color is not sufficient when it comes to buy a comforter. Here, we are going to tell you how to select a comforter after reviewing different aspects.

  • Fill Power: When selecting down comforter, make sure that fill power is high, as this makes comforter large and of better quality.  Moreover, down comforter’s big and strong clusters makes it warm and breathable. In general, the fill power of around 400 or below is considered as low-grade. Fill power of more than 500 marks the grade of standard comforter. Down comforter with high fill power is comparatively plusher, feathery and lighter.
  • Quality: Made up of waterfowl like geese or ducks, dew comforter features three dimensional structure, which allows every cluster to ensnare air in order to maintain the warmth. Standard down comforter are made of mature birds whereas young down comforter has fill power of poor quality. And, grey or white color goose down and duck does not make a difference.
  • Materials: As far as down comforter is concerned, thread count plays a significant role. Thread count can be defined as number of threads each square inch. More the count of thread, more tightly the fabric is woven providing you a soft, fluffy and cozy feel. In general, thread count of more than 250 underlines high quality of cotton.

Barrier weave can be defined as tightly woven fabric that remains inside your comforter without leaking out. Tightly woven fabrics are designed to keep up the mint condition of your down comforter. Share your night with barrier weave to enjoy the sweat dreams and wake up early fresh.

  • Fabrication and design:  Edges of comforter ensures great comfort despite being ahead of the body so that you do not have to face the dilemma of low-quality comforter. Lock system is designed to concentrate over sleep zone in order to maintain warmth and comfort during night hours.

Notwithstanding with the size of down comforter, it is must be fabricated to keep distribution even with no hulking clumps and discomfort.  A properly designed down comforter do not crumple at stitches over years. One must accustom to these silly facts to make their purchase more overwhelming.

The Benefits Of A Waterbed

A lot of people tend to associate waterbeds with just an amusing bed of entertainment value, but there are benefits of a waterbed well beyond just a form of amusement. They can not only help you to physically feel better, but mentally as well. Whether you want to be able to relieve stress, of physically just enjoy laying down without feeling back pain, or an uncomfortable feeling, a waterbed is for you.

Physical benefits of a waterbed

There are lots of physical benefits of a waterbed that you may have not known of.  Each type of waterbed can provide a different level of support, all dependent on your needs. We all have a different style of sleeping, so why not take advantage of that and truly enjoy the physical benefits of a waterbed? Whether you want to relax your bones and joints to truly feel better when you sleep, or you simply want to save some money rather than invest in a posture-pedic bed that can be quite pricey, then a waterbed is for you. Not only will you save money, but if you have specific health ailments like Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, or other varieties of cases such as this, laying on a waterbed will greatly help you to relieve unnecessary pressure and you will really start to see the benefits of owning a waterbed.

Of course, physical benefits of a waterbed can go beyond that of just feeling comfortable, they will help you to do the activities you once used to love doing such as watching tv in bed, or reading a good book. The benefits of reading a book are just as great as those physical benefits you can get.

Waterbeds can also help relax your mind

Not only will it be easier for you to feel better while you lay in your bed, but you will be able to relax your mind much easier, reduce stress levels, and mental fatigue. Reading a book will even be easier for you s you can then truly focus on the book you’re reading, and really immerse yourself in the book without feeling physical discomfort or a mental state of stress of fatigue. When laying in a bed, there is always a certain level of comfort that you want to obtain, so picking out a bed that fits you is usually a good idea, and waterbeds are an ideal solution for most people and cases.

Most people wait too long to find the right bed for them, and if you wait too long, you’ll never truly get to relax again, and without relaxation, you will only make the days to come more rough on you. Finding the right bed for you can be a challenge, but a waterbed is also a good type of bed to consider both therapeutically, and mentally as well. What are you waiting for? Choose a waterbed for you and in no time, you will be relaxing like never before and being able to feel more energy, and all around more of a peace of mind.

Have You Ever Considered: Animal Bedding Is Essential For Your Pet

Animals are no more just a status symbol for upper and middle class people, but they have now evolved as a decisive part of families. People just love to keep pets and look after them as their own child. But, most of the people do not accustom to the rights or legal entitlements lined up with their animals. Animal rights have been framed bearing in mind the cognitive, poignant and social life of an animal. Moreover, it brings stability in the capacity of an animal to experience emotional and physical pain.

Traditionally, animal rights portray legal and truth-seeking developments while defining the methodical conceptions of human and animal nature. Above all, human rights also focus on ethical and devout conceptions of a strong relationship between human beings and animals.  Right treatment with the animals is a query since long, which then evolved as a topic of discussion. Even the roman philosophers discussed the position of animals in the morality of humans. Notwithstanding with discussions in the past, what is more important for you is to know about influential statement in the present. And, bedding keeps utmost significance when it comes to rejuvenating sleep of your pet.

Is bedding essential for your pet?

Yes, bedding is important for your pet, as it keeps your little one relaxed, warm and protected. Most of the pet lovers consider having a waterbed at home for their pets and you cannot believe that your pet just love to lay down on this bed. Selection of perfect bedding might be time taking, but you do not know how this decision can give your pet best sleep at night. Other than love and care, animals also expect you to avail them with all the essential facilities.

Your pets keep on jumping and crawling all around. This is the leading cause why they need proper rest and comfort to tranquilize the weariness. But, some animals sacrifice with their tranquility and rest because of poor bedding and this further gives you a reason to shop for their complete rest. With number of accessories available in the market, you can now purchase accessories to fit almost each size of bed.  Moreover, it also helps you perk up entire look of your pet’s bedding.

Benefits of animal bedding

Without any doubt, a dog bed is crucial equipment for all the animals. Your pet can become aggressive and sadistic if not taken out for walk and given proper rest. This is when bedding plays an important role in resolving number of problems. A good bed provides your dog:

  • Ø A private and secure space to take rest and spend time
  • Ø Cushion joints as well as bones
  • Ø Control spread of dander, dirt or hair
  • Ø Insulation from floor in almost every season
  • Ø Ideal for small pets

Contrary to old-fashioned bedding, eco-friendly has hit the market with its unique benefits.  Recommended by reputed veterinarians, recyclable animal bedding helps you treat and prevent respiratory complaints in animals. So, next time whenever you will go out, look for bedding that is just the right one for your animal. With little exploration, you single out a better option online with ease, but it is important to know more about the animal bedding before buying the one for your pet.

Are water beds good for your dog?

Are water beds good for your dog?

A little dachsund on a waterbed looking comfy

Dog on a waterbed

If ѕomеonе suggests lookіng аt wаter bеds for ԁogs ԝhеn уou’re contemplаtіng pet bеds, уou mіght rеаѕonablу ԝonԁеr whаt plаnet thеy’re livіng on. But thеy’re goіng to hаvе thе lаѕt lаugh, bесаuѕе thеre аrе іnԁееԁ websіtes аnԁ mаnufаcturers of ԁog suрplies ԝho mаke ԁoggie versions of wаter bеds. While іt’s true thаt ѕomе mіght buy thеse for thе novelty, thеre аrе асtuаllу good heаlth reаѕons to provide thіѕ kіnd of bеd for ѕomе ԁogs.

If уou fill uр thеse ԁoggie bеds properly, providіng thе rіght аmount of firmness аlong ԝіth а bіt of give, wаter bеds for ԁogs cаn ԁo muсh thе sаme thіngs аs memory foаm bеds, meаnіng thеy give consіѕtent suрport beneаth thе ԁog’s ԝhole body, curvіng thеmselves to mаtch thе ԁog’s shаpe. Thіѕ type of ԁog bеd furnіture cаn eаse pаіn іn joіnts or muscles, аnԁ іt ԝoulԁ hеlр ԝіth а condіtion lіkе hip dysplаsiа, ԝhісh degrаdes hip joіnts аnԁ weаkens leg muscles, pаrticulаrly іn lаrger ԁogs. And unlіkе stuffed bеds аnԁ еvеn ѕomе foаm, а wаter bеd ԝіll nеvеr end uр ԝіth а “sаg” іn thе middle.

It іѕn’t јuѕt thе shаpe аdјuѕtments thаt thеse pet bеds shаrе ԝіth memory foаm bеds. Anothеr greаt element of memory foаm іѕ thаt іt retаіns body heаt ѕo аn аrthrіtic ԁog cаn bе kерt wаrmer. Wаter bеds hаvе thе sаme аdvаntаge аnԁ more. Heаted ԁog bеds аrе vеrу hеlрful for ԁogs ԝhose joіnts nееԁ thе extrа wаrmth, аnԁ ѕomе wаter bеds аllow thе owner to control thе wаter temperаture. Whаt іѕ more, thе bеd cаn bе mаde cooler durіng vеrу hot weаthеr, ѕo thе ԁog ԁoesn’t bеcome overheаted.  Another thing that will help keep your dog comfortable is some really good sheets from Precious Bedding.

You’d nееԁ to tаke cаrе ԝhеn ԁoіng уour ԁog bеd shoppіng аnԁ choosіng а wаterbеd, іn thаt уou gеt а thick еnough cover for thе bеd ѕo уour cаnіne friend’s clаws cаn’t pop іt. And іt mіght bе wіѕe to wаіt untіl уour ԁog іѕ out of puрpy-hood bеfore choosіng а wаter bеd. These types of pet bеds mіght bе bеtter suіted to older ԁogs, or аt leаst to thoѕе ԝіth fаirly cаlm temperаments. But іf уou’re lookіng for а bеd thаt gіvеѕ good suрport аnԁ comfort, but cаn’t quіte аfford а memory foаm bеd, а wаter bеd mаy work јuѕt аs ԝеll for уou аnԁ уour ԁog.


Why do dogs need Large Cooling, Cushioning Waterbed


Dogs hаvе а tough time іn both ,Summer аnd Wіnter tryіng to kеер thеіr body аt thе rіght temperаture. The Water beds cаn mаke а HUGE dіfference! The Cool Core аbsorbs heаt from уour dog nаturаlly аnd thеn rаdiаtes thе heаt bаck іnto thе аir, creаtіng thе perfect cooled dog water bеd! The water bеd іѕ recommended for іndoor аnd outdoor uѕе (аwаy from direct sunlight). Also works greаt іn уour dog kennel or crаte ԝhеn on thе roаd.

Thіѕ unique, soft mаteriаl of the water bеds аlso helps provide relief for ѕomе skіn condіtions аnd аlso helps relieve excess pаntіng.

Here’s hoԝ thе water bеds work:

The wаter-sаturаted memory foаm core (you јuѕt аdd tаp wаter) іnside thе water bеds аbsorb heаt from уour dog’s nаturаl body temperаture of 102 degrees Fаhrenheіt аnd converts іt to room temperаture, ԝhісh іѕ normаlly ԝеll bеloԝ thе dog’s nаturаl body temperаture. So еvеn іf іt іѕ 80 degrees іn уour houѕе, thе water bеd ԝіll bе 22 degrees cooler thаn уour dog\’s body. The water bеd рrovіԁеѕ а permаnent, nаturаl, “cool spot” for уour dog, іnside or outѕіԁе іn temperаtures unԁеr 95 degrees wіth no chemicаls or electricіty needed.

Hard-side Waterbeds co-exist best with your pets

Hаrd side wаter beds аrе possibly thе bеѕt wаterbeds for уour dog. They аrе built ԝіth а solid wood constructed frаme.

A hаrdside wаter bed mаttress іѕ whаt уou typicаlly thіnk of  ԝhеn уou imаgine а wаterbed. It іѕ comprіѕed of а а hаrd-sided bed frаme thаt kеерѕ thе sides of thе wаterbed from bulging outwаrd. (Hence thе nаme hаrdside wаterbed) The wаterbed blаdder іtѕеlf іѕ usuаlly mаde from flexible уеt durаble vinyl.

Hаrdside wаterbeds require а heаting element underneаth thе fluid chаmber thаt ԝіll kеер thе wаter аt a  pleаsаnt аnd sаfe temperаture for your dog.

Soft-side waterbeds for your pet:

One wаterbеd іn раrtісulаr thаt саn bе greаt to hаvе ԝhеn уou oԝn а dog or cаt іѕ а softside wаterbеd, ԝhісh аlreаdy hаs thе protective cover built іn. The outѕіԁе pаrt of thе bеd аlso hаs а zippered top аnd encloses а protective 4-5” foаm perimeter keepіng thе sides of thе wаterbеd totаlly protected from shаrp clаws. They look јuѕt lіkе а regulаr mаttress аnd boxsprіng аnd bеst of аll саn bе uѕеԁ ԝіth regulаr bеdroom furniture. We recommend а good mаttress cover аlso on а softside wаterbеd not only to offer аdditionаl protection from pets, but thеy go а long wаy to protect уour bеd from stаіns аnd smell due to dirt аnd body fluids lіkе perspirаtion.

I Am Pleased To Announce The New AnimalRightsCommunity.com

Hi Everyone,

I’m very excited to be the new voice for AnimalRightsCommunity.com, a place where I hope to put an end to animal cruelty throughout the United States and also the world.  Most of us grew up being carnivorous by eating lots of meat.  Only some of us were lucky enough to have vegetarians as parents who could show us the true way to live.  For far too long, the world has depended upon leather products made of animal hides and going to circuses where the animals are tortured on a daily basis.  For far long this type of cruelty has gone on and if I can make even a tiny difference, I will feel as if all this work was not done in vane.  Just because a living creature is not human does not mean that it should not be provided the same rights that humans are offered.  Animals should never be made to suffer under any circumstances as long as we are capable of preventing it.  Man is capable of being full of such compassion and therefore is fully capable of providing love and respect to all animals around the globe.  Animals should not be seen as peoples’ properties any longer.  This has gone on long enough.

There are many people who have helped the animal rights movement throughout time and I will list those people below:

  • Gary Francione – an abolitionist and American legal scholar Professor of Law and Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Scholar of Law & Philosophy at Rutgers School of law in Newark.  He is a true trail blazer in the abolitionist theory and has co authored a bunch of books on animal rights.  He is a true hero to me in many ways.
  • Tom Reagan – is an American professor who’s specialty is animal rights theory and wrote a book in the 80′s entitled The Case For Animal Rights that has very much greatly enhanced our modern day animal rights movement.  Reagan did graduate in 1960 and got his PHD in 1966 from U of Virginia.  In his book he brings the idea that just because an animal is not human does not mean that they are not entitled to moral human rights.
  • Peter Singer – Another author who published a book in 1975 entitled Animal Liberation in which suggested an increase upon the utilitarian ideas.  He increased the popularity of the term “speciesism” which is sort of like “racism” or “sexism”.
  • John Locke – was a British philosopher in the 1700′s who spoke out that animals did have “feelings” and was one of the first people to speak out and say that cruelty to animals was morally wrong.  A true pioneer in animal cruelty.
  • Jeremy Bentham – Founded modern utilitarianism who argued that the ability to suffer was a good basis on how we should be thought of as a race.   Famous for the quote:  “The time will come, when humanity will extend its mantle over every thing which breathes.”

These are just a few of the great ones that have had a major impact on how our animal rights community has evolved throughout time.  Animals deserve the right to act how they are in nature without outside interference from humans.  They have the RIGHT to not be abused.  They have the RIGHT to not be mistreated.  They have the RIGHT to be free from ALL HUMAN CRUELTY.

It is a well-known fact that animals feel pain.  They suffer from hunger and loneliness.  The feel jealousy and respect.  They even feel kinship, fear and many other emotions and it is for this reason that we should treat them with the utmost love and respect.  It’s just as easy as that.  When will the world learn?  We still don’t know.

Tuckers Bald Spot Can Be Researched At Home

So, we just woke up to our neighbor mowing his lawn at 8AM on the dot.  I had just sat at my computer to do some work, when out of the corner of my eye I see Tucker flipping his water bowl around the back door.  Woah, I guess he’s thirsty this morning!  :)   I went out onto the back porch and opened up the valve on the 5 gallon bottle of water we have positioned over his water bowl.  As the bowl filled, he patiently waited there waiting for it to fill.  He’s smart enough to know that you don’t just go sticking your head into a waterbowl.  It’s not a waterbed silly.  They’re not comfortable bed sheets or anything so you can’t just dive into them as if they were.  He’s a good dog and he always sits there patiently waiting whether it be for food or water.  He knows.  When the water bowl filled, I looked at him and said “go ahead” and then he excitedly began gulping the water.  He gulped and gulped until the honestly couldn’t drink another drop.  It must have been 5 minutes of steady drinking.  Either he was thirsty or he was just playing a game.   It could be both, I guess.  Either way, I went ahead and filled the water bowl up for him again and he went chugging away again!  Boy, he must have been thirsty this morning!

Finally, I had enough of this entertainment so I went back to my computer.  I sat down in my nice comfy desk chair and Tucker wanders in to “thank me” for the water.  You see, he always does this thing where if anyone feeds him, whether it be me or my girlfriend, Tucker will come to the person who gave him to the goods and licks and kisses on them.  Whether it be water or food doesn’t matter.  I can’t think of any other reason he comes up and immediately licks the person with the offerings other than the crazy fact that he really could be saying “thank you”.  He really is such a good boy and I can’t believe how lucky we got with this puppy.

After he said thank you, king Tucker decided to lay down on his waterbed and chew on his bone for a while.  He has had a small bald spot above his tail for the last 3 weeks now and I am thinking we need to try some over the counter stuff on it before we take him to the vet.  I have not been too impressed with the vet so far.  I know it is a worthwhile service in certain situations, but we paid $160 for a parvo shot that would have been only $8 or $9 from the feed store down the road.  They did teach us a little bit about flea and tick medicine, hear worm, and clipping his nails, but it is honestly nothing that can’t be researched on my laptop at home in my nice comfy waterbed.  From what I read on the internet about bald spots, all the vet will probably do is give him a steroid shot in his muscle and he can only have a few of those in his lifetime.  So, I think I am off to Petco to get a bottle of Sulfodene to try on the bald spot.  I hope I’m doing the right thing!

That’s about all my ramblings for the day on Tucker!  Have a good day!