A Tucker Puppy Is Born With Waterbed Sheets To Stay Warm

Tucker was born on December 25th, or so said the veterinarian we took him to after we adopted him from the Maui Humane society.  We had wanting a dog for quite a very long time, but our previous landlord was always against it because of the nice wood floors and quality bedding he put in our bedroom.  Well, finally the time came when we chose to move.  We didn’t move too far, just next door actually.  We can still hit our old house with a rock because it’s so close.  The new house is not as nice as our old one, per say.  It’s a little rough around the edges, but we don’t care.  It’s the style we prefer.  Who needs lovely paint and a waterproof roof over their heads?  Not us.  Nor does tucker.  This spread has quite a bit more room than the old one and it has been working out great so far.  We do need to tarp the roof, but there’s plenty of room for just about any reasonable activity.  We can play fetch, hide and seek and much more.  Tucker loves it.

Tucker Sleeping in Bed

So, lo and behold, about a month after we moved into the new joint, we ended up stopping by the Maui Humane society to see if we could find a new buddy.  After visiting with a few dogs we became aware of some of the various “problems” that we might be adopting.  Some dogs had worms, some dogs were just plain scared, and some just had a little spunk.  Tucker had spunk when we first laid eyes on him and he still has spunk to this day.  When I first laid eyes on him he was playing in a pen with 2 other pitbulls.  He and the other dominant dog were play fighting and it was really cute.  You know how dogs do….  The third was just quiet and shy and although he was cute, he just didn’t have the personality that we were looking for.  We wanted a dog that didn’t just want to stay in bed.  We wanted a dog we could rough house with and play fetch and do other dog things with.

Tucker Taking a Nap In Bed

So, we decided the visit with Tucker in one of the visitation rooms they had at the Humane society.  This pen didn’t have any real comforts.  No comfy bed with bed sheets or comforters to keep cozy in.  It was bare and empty. It was simply a small square box with a bench.  The room served its purpose perfectly.  It was merely a place for you to visit with the various animals and not have the immediately run away from you.  It’s not as comfy as some new waterbed sheets, but it did the job nicely.  You can see below that he really loves his bed.  The whole family loves it, in fact.

Tucker Enjoying His New Waterbed Sheets

Tucker Enjoying His New Waterbed Sheets

Anyhow, we visited with Tucker and two other dogs.  Out of all three dogs, Tucker was the only one that actually seemed more interested in us rather than the room itself.  The other dogs came in and licked the floor and looked for food.  Tucker came in and licked us and basically climbed into our laps.  It was love at first site.

After doing some paperwork and paying the $160 puppy adoption fee, we walked out the front of the Humane Society with a freshly-washed Tucker bundled in a California king sheet in our arms.  A few months earlier, we had gone down to Precious Bedding and purchased  a new waterbed for our master bedroom.  And, while we should have considered getting a conventional bed instead, we reluctantly agreed to get a waterbed because the price just could not be beat.  It was great sleeping on the water-filled mattress for a few months, but after a while I noticed that my body was sore throughout the day.  The soreness lead to tiredness and perhaps the culprit was actually the size of the bed.  We had originally thought that we needed a king waterbed but the store salesman actually sold us on a queen waterbed.  They never even went into the difficulty of finding sheets or bedding for the bed.  It’s not exactly something you can just run down to the gas station and get.  At any rate, we adopted the dog and we immediately took him home and he jumped on our hard-side wood frame waterbed sheets.  Tucker loves laying in our waterbed and there simply isn’t a better choice of bedding for a dog.

Now, that was all well and good up until a couple weeks ago.  He had actually chewed through the foam liner to reveal the bladder so we headed down to Precious Bedding to find some replacement flannel waterbed sheets.  Little did we realize that there was a lot more to it than we had originally thought.  Some of the soft-type waterbeds have a soft casing on the outside .  You would have thought that the hard-frame type of waterbed would be the one to pop because there is less protection on the bladder.  But, our boy Tucker managed to chew through the entire top layer of the bed and chewed a hole right in the bladder.  Boy, that a mess that was!  We came home to a soaked carpet throughout our entire house.  It even ran from the upper story down to the lower story and ended up saturating the entire kitchen.  The linens in the linen cabinet were soaked, so we spread those out all over the back yard to dry (we were mostly concerned with trying to stop the mold from forming on them before we had a chance to wash them).  I think we were doing laundry for about a solid week after that happened.  Lucky us, the washer decided to go out a few days later and we were forced to go down to Lowes and spend yet another $1000 on a washer.  Of course, we had to get a matching dryer too.  To top it all off the entire bed was destroyed and we even had to buy a new bed too.

This time, we decided to not opt for a waterbed but instead went ahead and got a regular/conventional style bed with good old coil-springs.  Not a hundred-gallon bag of water.  We’ll never go that route again…  Was getting Tucker a good idea?  We still think so, but he definitely lost a few points with that whole charade.  He is a really cute little boy though; there is just no denying that!

The first day we had him home was both exciting and scary.  We didn’t have a fenced in yard, so there was always the nervousness that he would run away and possibly get taken in my a stranger.  Or worse, that he would be hit by a car.  We played with him ALL day the first few days that we had him and took him on a long walk around his “property” basically every hour or so.  Finally, after a lot of trial and error, we got him to the point where he knew not to go into the street.  We didn’t have to use a wireless fence or even a real fence for that matter.  Just familiarization with his boundaries and sharp corrections when he decided to wander off the lot.  To this day, he will stay in the yard just like a good puppy should.  We even taught him not to get up on the bed because we don’t want to get itchy dog hair all over our bedding, especially since my wife is allergic to dog dander.

It wasn’t easy.  There were some scary moments.  About 2 weeks after we adopted him, we had to go out of town for 2 days.  We didn’t want to leave him alone, but we had no choice.  We ended up having our friend Nick watch him.  Boy, was this a bad idea.  Nick is probably the worst drunk in our town, but he’s actually great with dogs.  In fact, he’s basically married to a dog named Louve.  He agreed to watch Tucker for the 2 days we would be gone.  He even offered to spend a night here so Tucker could continue to get familiar with his new surroundings.

Tucker Finds Out That The Yard Isn't Really Fenced In

When we returned back, we found out that Nick had actually taken the dog all around town, which we specifically told him not to do.  “Nick, don’t take the dog anywhere, he hasn’t had is parvo shots.”  I must have said that at least five times before we left.

When we returned home, Nick met us at a gas station near his house.  Tucker was in the back seat with Louve.  We did the dog-swap and my girlfriend and I headed off to our house and acted as if we had never left.  This was a mistake on our part to assume that Tucker had not changed at all.  We took him away from his home before he was familiar with it.  I don’t know if he was mad at us, or just confused in general, but Tucker saw a lady jogging around the neighborhood and decided to jog with her.  We searched for him frantically around the neighborhood for nearly an hour.  We thought we had lost him.  We were then emotionally connected to him and we were afraid our dog was gone forever.  We were about to call the Humane Society and list the dog was missing, when, who comes jogging up with a big smile on his face next to a nice lady?  Tucker.  That afternoon we immediately went out and got the heaviest steel cable Petco offered.  Tucker would run away no more.

Granted, this whole incident was our fault.  But, we later found out that the scum bag Nick had actually taken the dog all around town.  He took them to the beach.  He took them everywhere.  Heck, he probably slept with the dog in his waterbed.  He does have nice waterbed sheets, but for a wood frame waterbed, it is really not all it’s cracked up to be.

That’s the story so far on our buddy Tucker.  There will be plenty more info to come along with other info on some of our hobbies like bedding, sewing, bed sheets, architecture, jazz, and more.  I have been a professional home maker for 24 years and am a master at making a house a home.  This will be Tucker’s story throughout his lifetime.  How many dogs can say that?

If you’re interested in Tucker’s story or have another story that you would like to share, please offer a comment up on our blog below or shoot me an email.  I’m extremely excited to bring to some more info!

Thanks again and have a jolly day everything.

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