Tuckers Bald Spot Can Be Researched At Home

So, we just woke up to our neighbor mowing his lawn at 8AM on the dot.  I had just sat at my computer to do some work, when out of the corner of my eye I see Tucker flipping his water bowl around the back door.  Woah, I guess he’s thirsty this morning!  :)   I went out onto the back porch and opened up the valve on the 5 gallon bottle of water we have positioned over his water bowl.  As the bowl filled, he patiently waited there waiting for it to fill.  He’s smart enough to know that you don’t just go sticking your head into a waterbowl.  It’s not a waterbed silly.  They’re not comfortable bed sheets or anything so you can’t just dive into them as if they were.  He’s a good dog and he always sits there patiently waiting whether it be for food or water.  He knows.  When the water bowl filled, I looked at him and said “go ahead” and then he excitedly began gulping the water.  He gulped and gulped until the honestly couldn’t drink another drop.  It must have been 5 minutes of steady drinking.  Either he was thirsty or he was just playing a game.   It could be both, I guess.  Either way, I went ahead and filled the water bowl up for him again and he went chugging away again!  Boy, he must have been thirsty this morning!

Finally, I had enough of this entertainment so I went back to my computer.  I sat down in my nice comfy desk chair and Tucker wanders in to “thank me” for the water.  You see, he always does this thing where if anyone feeds him, whether it be me or my girlfriend, Tucker will come to the person who gave him to the goods and licks and kisses on them.  Whether it be water or food doesn’t matter.  I can’t think of any other reason he comes up and immediately licks the person with the offerings other than the crazy fact that he really could be saying “thank you”.  He really is such a good boy and I can’t believe how lucky we got with this puppy.

After he said thank you, king Tucker decided to lay down on his waterbed and chew on his bone for a while.  He has had a small bald spot above his tail for the last 3 weeks now and I am thinking we need to try some over the counter stuff on it before we take him to the vet.  I have not been too impressed with the vet so far.  I know it is a worthwhile service in certain situations, but we paid $160 for a parvo shot that would have been only $8 or $9 from the feed store down the road.  They did teach us a little bit about flea and tick medicine, hear worm, and clipping his nails, but it is honestly nothing that can’t be researched on my laptop at home in my nice comfy waterbed.  From what I read on the internet about bald spots, all the vet will probably do is give him a steroid shot in his muscle and he can only have a few of those in his lifetime.  So, I think I am off to Petco to get a bottle of Sulfodene to try on the bald spot.  I hope I’m doing the right thing!

That’s about all my ramblings for the day on Tucker!  Have a good day!

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